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Thank you for booking your hair and makeup services

Thank you so much for choosing HairSpray Studio & allowing us to be a part of your special day. I know wedding planning is overwhelming and I’m here to help make this part of the process a little easier. After booking your hair/ makeup services

What’s next??

Please take the time to fully read this info sheet to help you better prepare for your special day.

Things to consider

If you are considering getting ready at your venue, or bridal suite make sure you are allowed to start your beauty services onsite early. Most venues will not allow you to enter until late morning, making it really hard for our team to start hair and make up and be able to accommodate your wedding party.

Before booking a hotel room or Airbnb consider the size of the room and the size of your bridal party. Consider how much natural lighting the room has and space for photography, along with space for stylist and Makeup Artist equipment. I’m sure you want beautiful getting ready pictures, and choosing the right room size is important.

Consider the amount of services you will possibly need for the day. If you are most likely having a party of over 6 people, I will need to secure additional hair and make up artist to accommodate your bridal party. For this, we will need at least 6 months notice.

If you are having an early ceremony start time and you have over five people needing services, keep in mind you may need to start getting ready at 4am or 5am. The larger your bridal party the earlier you’ll have to start.

If you are considering matching pajamas or sets for your bridal party to wear the day of wedding, consider robes or button up shirts. It will be easier to take off after hair/makeup is complete.

Booking your trial

You may have already decided on the look that you want, sometimes deciding isn’t as easy..

No need to feel stressed, often during trials we come up with options that you might not have considered before. This is the time when you find out which makeup and hair styles suit you best!

Trials are recommended 2-6 weeks before the wedding. This is only a suggestion. Trials can be scheduled whenever you decide best. At weeks before the wedding you will most likely have your dress, veil or hair accessories, earrings and all the little details sorted out. Doing trials closer to the wedding also gives you an opportunity to have a better idea of weather and how it can affect your hairstyle/makeup. The trial will also be fresh in your memory and in mine. I will be able to make the necessary tweaks and adjustments to perfect the hair/makeup for your event day.

Makeup Trials are usually between 1.5 hours & 1:15 for hairstyling. Hair and makeup trials are 2.5-3hrs long. If you’d like to try more than 1 style, keep in mind there will be an additional charge. Sometimes booking two trials is recommended. I strongly encourage you to bring pictures along of hair/ makeup inspiration. When choosing inspiration pictures, take into consideration YOUR hair length and YOUR hair color or your skin tone and eye color, in comparison to the inspiration picture.

Trials are recommended to be scheduled in the mornings or early afternoon so you can see how your hair/ makeup holds up, or reacts to weather, or hourly wear. Bring a white or neutral top. Which is the color you’ll most likely be wearing on your wedding day. It will give you a better idea on how things will ultimately look that day. Try not to wear high necks or sports bras since they distract the eye from the hair style.

I will document hair/ makeup trial via video and pictures to use as a guideline for your event day. I currently do not do trials for bridesmaids, mother of the bride or groom. Trials are for Bride only.

Your wedding day

Plan to sit in the chair 1-1:15 hours for hair and 1:15-1:30 hours for makeup on the wedding day.

The rest of the bridal party’s prep time takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes for makeup and/or hairstyling per person.

I will send your wedding day hair/makeup schedule 7-10 days before the wedding. This allows me to make a final timeline after all the details of your event day have been solidified and confirmed, along with number of hair services needed.

Along with the schedule I will be sending day of guidelines. Sharing those guidelines with the party receiving services are KEY to having a smooth and stress free day. They help everyone to be prepared the morning of and helps ensure everyone is ready on time.

I can’t wait to work with you